Friday, June 29, 2012

new product this week: address stickers

Another product of the week...posted at the end of the week! Ohmygoodness I am a little overwhelmed with work lately (which is a good thing, of course), but my clients take precedence over blogging and therfore, postings are a little LOT behind. No worries though, the giveaway is still happening very soon.

This week I am sharing PERSONALIZED ADDRESS STICKERS!! They are 2x2, square and glossy--so much fun, and I can do anything you like-- FANCY, casual, STICK FIGURES, holiday themed-- or how about to match a special invitation? YOU NAME IT and I will do it.....and they are VERY reasonable. How about 100 stickers for $25!?! Yep, I told you they are a great deal. See some samples:

The debut of my new Etsy store and the big GIVEAWAY is still set for the beginning of July, so stay tuned!!
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