Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am really excited to debut my new site design! I decided to streamline into a more modern motif with less...neon ha! And not only have I been working really hard on new products to share with you, but Sugar Bee will be opening an Etsy store within the month, where you can purchase PRINTABLE designs. How fun is that?

I might be developing the beginning of carpal tunnel, but it was totally worth it to finally get this all up and running!! To celebrate the new site design and upcoming launch of the Sugar Bee Etsy store, I am going to be debuting new products all month long, and doing a giveaway at the end of the month. The winner will get to pick from any of the SIX new products that I will be sharing, so stay tuned :)

I'd like to start by sharing an updated product and a completely new one. Sugar Bee stationery sets are now available as one-sided designs, printed on regular cardstock. Sets were previously only available as a two-sided design, printed on high quality linen stock. The new one-sided stationery starts at $25 for a set of 25 cards! See my Stationery page for examples and further pricing.

And announcing my first BRAND NEW product of the month:
If buying individual birthday and gift greeting cards for every party is wearing you out, this is the product for you. These stickers are 2x3.5 inches, glossy and totally PERSONALIZED. Even better, they come in a set of 50 stickers for $20!! There is no way you can beat that price buying individual greeting cards, plus they are super cute, so what's to resist? Take a look at some samples:

and why not make the holidays easier with holiday gift sticker?

Contact me at cassie (at) sugarbeedesigns.com if you are interested in designing some gift stickers, and keep checking for more products this month!!

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