Tuesday, April 16, 2013

new additions

New kids' birthdays to share! A playful train invite for one of the cutest two year old boys there is...

Here's a Hello Kitty invite I did that I thought turned out super cute. I posted it to my Etsy store and it started selling really well...right up until I got a letter from Sanrio's lawyers threatening copyright infringement. Really Sanrio? Like your brands don't make LOADS of money? Your lawyers have time to go after etsy stores? File this under GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.

How about a colorful chevron & polka dot theme??



As you can see, my banner obsessment continued on this invite, but instead of the usual pennants, I did these fun rounds instead. They remind me of those cute felt banners I am seeing all over pinterest lately!

And last but not least, here is a version of a MONSTER invite I did for another cutie patootie. What's especially fun about this one is you can cut along the black crooked lines to make it look as if the monster has eaten a chunck out the invite. Then glue 3D googly eyes over the ones on these creatures and you have one of my officially favorite invites of all time!!  

I hope to have this one up in my etsy shop soon, along with matching party accessories!!!!

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